About Lady Jane

About our Founder Mary Jane Caldwell of Atlanta, Georgia founded Lady Jane Custom Footwear in 2006.  Influenced by her background as a clinical therapist (MSW), Mary Jane came to recognize that the construction of high heels needed to be addressed as a “women’s issue.” An avid aficionado  of fashion heels, she had suffered the physical injury and emotional pain which results from “stiletto sabotage.” She defines this as the common syndrome where a woman first falls in love with a great looking pair of heels, then suffers the inevitable onset of pain after buying and wearing them for a short time before she eventually recognizes that she has become a victim of abusive heels!
Mary Jane Caldwell

Mary Jane Caldwell – President, Lady Jane Custom Footwear, LLC

Finally she casts her once-beloved shoes to the rear of the closet along with all the other exes, and the cycle starts anew.

Falling in love with the wrong kind of shoe, she realized, can be as hurtful and damaging as falling in love with the wrong kind of man.

As with human relationships, Mary Jane wanted more than just a one-night stand with love at first sight. She wanted intelligence, depth of character, and loving support.

The Lady Jane shoes of today are the result of years of research and development in consultation with orthopedic surgeons, pedorthists, podiatrists, material developers, shoe designers, and manufacturers. From her research she evolved the concept of “Intelligent Glamour” which is the Company’s guiding philosophy and Mary Jane’s antidote to stiletto sabotage. It corrects fashion heels’ harmful design flaws while preserving and enhancing the classic elements that women have come to expect in beautiful dress shoes. Lady Jane’s designs are developed for women who have an active American lifestyle, who want to dress well for their careers and special occasions, and to feel both glamorous and comfortable. Her shoes are hand-made in the USA, and incorporate the finest and most advanced materials available, including cushioning developed by NASA for comfort and shock absorption.

Mary Jane has developed more than 10 safe-to-fall-in-love-with styles which (unlike men) can be customized to suit each client’s individual tastes. Her “shoe therapy” has an astounding success rate, especially when compared to conventional treatment modes. She and her clients have found a new level of contentment wearing “killer heels” that won’t kill their feet, kill their concentration at work, or kill the joy of dressing for life’s important occasions.

Mary Jane is married to an Atlanta attorney, and she travels frequently to New York City where her son is an orthopedic surgeon.

Our Mission
Our goal at Lady Jane is to produce shoes that women can enjoy wearing for years, not just for 20 minutes. We combine elements of classic style with adjustable features and high-tech materials in shoes that reduce pain and risk, yet sacrifice none of the glamour of wearing gorgeous high heels!