Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you copy my favorite pair of shoes?
A: If they are Lady Jane Shoes, yes! If not, no. The original manufacturer is the only guarantee of an exact copy. If you would like to explore producing a similar style shoe with Lady Jane, please send us a photo of the shoe you would like to reproduce and we will contact you.
Q: Can you custom fit Lady Jane Shoes to my feet?
A: All of our patterns are made to fit standard American sizes. If adjustments are required, please contact us via phone at 770-393-3564.
Q: How long does it take to get my Lady Jane shoes?
A: Approximately 8 weeks depending on the complexity of the order. If scheduling allows, we accept rush orders for an additional charge. The shoes are guaranteed to be ready for shipment in 15 business days.
Q. If I want a color that isn’t shown on the website, can I request it?
A: Yes! Please call us to speak to a representative who will have access to the full range of materials and will try to grant your request.
Q. What style is best for wide feet?
A. All styles are available in a C width; but please remember, a wider toe box will also mean more room in the heel. Lace up styles are great for adding extra width, i.e. the JacquelineBrookeWilla, and Victoria.
Q. What styles are best for narrow feet?
A. Lace up styles also work well for narrower feet, especially the BrookeVictoria, and Willa.
Q. What styles are best for a high instep?
A. Any style that adjusts over the instep works perfectly, i.e. the Jacqueline, Brooke, Willa, and Victoria.
Q. What styles are best if I have bunions?
A. Bunions are a very common foot issue, and we have multiple styles that can accomodate them. We recommend the Jacqueline, Brooke, Willa, Deede and Victoria.
Q. If my feet are two different sizes, can I order a split-size pair?
A. Yes! We can also make two heel heights in one pair if we have exact measurements. Call us to schedule an appointment in the show room.
Q. What if my shoes don’t fit right?
A. We make every effort to make sure your new Lady Jane shoes fit perfectly when you receive them. However, if they are not to your satisfaction please call us to speak to a representative. Most of the time, simple fixes are all that is needed.
Q. Can I buy Lady Jane shoes as a gift?
A. What a wonderful gift! Please call us for a handmade gift certificate in the  dollar amount of your choice.
Q. Do you have a style for wide toes and narrow heels?
A. We are working on it right now, stay tuned! We respond to requests from our clients, please keep us informed of your needs.