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The Perfect Executive Shoe by Lady Jane is Now Available

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Agony at the Oscars…

All dressed up to enjoy a wonderful occasion, and what does Meryl Streep think is the best part of the evening?

Too often women are sidelined at important occasions due to their crippling fashion shoes.

If you can't stand, walk, dance, and mingle without pain, and all you can think about is sitting down, then no matter how great you think your shoes make you look, they are in reality undermining your image.

Prominent Atlanta podiatrist recommends Lady Jane Shoes

"While fashion shoes can be attractive and can enhance a woman’s appearance, wearing them is a major contributing and causal factor in a number of disabling foot conditions including painful bunions, corns, calluses, and hammer toes (to name a few). Today’s ultra-high heel elevations are suspect in numerous ankle and foot injuries and even in arthritis of the knees.
Lady Jane Shoes uses a combination of materials and features that mitigate the most damaging aspects of wearing fashion high heels. They are both beautiful and comfortably-functional. I recommend them to my women patients who wear fashion shoes."

Jason Morris, D.P.M.
Primera Podiatry
Atlanta, Georgia

Modern Luxury “Atlantan” chooses Lady Jane Shoes for Top Five Feature!


Bridal Show at the Historic Academy of Medicine to feature Lady Jane Shoes

SOSN postcardSOSN postcard[1]

Lady Jane Shoes were featured at the Dunwoody Chamber in Heels July After Hours Event

HEELS Happy Hour July 2014t